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The advantages of purchasing a stock home plan.

First, you may be wondering what a stock home plan is. Designers and architects across the country are always actively involved in custom designing residences for all types of people. Many architects or designers however, spend a great deal of time creating their own designs; these are called stock home plans. It is advantageous to buy a stock home plan for several reasons.

First, home design professionals are involved with the process every day. They know the ins and outs of home design and strive to design plans that are functional, with effective use of space without compromising the curb appeal.
Many times designers will offer a popular floor plan with several different facades. This allows you to find a great floor plan and still choose an architectural style like country or traditional. You may spend a lot of money having a design professional draw and redraw your plan to see what it would look like as a different style.

Stock home plans are also a lot less expensive than having your home custom designed. A stock home plan is already completed and can be copied and shipped right away. Having your home custom designed may take weeks or even months to complete. This will not only delay the construction of your home but will end up costing you significantly more. Custom designed plans may cost you two, three, or even ten times more than a stock home plan.

What if you need to personalize a house plan?
We have many people contact us for quotes for changes to our plans. Most often these changes can be easily redlined by you or your builder. Redlining is very common as changes or modifications can be made in the field with experienced professionals. We would be happy to provide you with a quote to customize our plans. On average, the cost to do this starts around $150 in addition to the cost of the plan and ranges up to more than the plan itself depending on the time involved.

What you should know before customizing a plan.
We have great design professionals that would be happy to customize your home plan. However, there are a few things you ought to know before doing so. Often times municipalities will require plans to be reviewed by a local structural engineer or architect before they issue a building permit. Why? Designers and architects create their drawings according to the building practices in the location in which they reside. Construction practices will not vary tremendously but homes built in the Rocky Mountains will be able to support significant snowfall while homes in Florida will not. An engineer will analyze the structure and size the beams, rafters etc. to assure that the structural integrity of the home is not compromised by the location in which it is built. In the same manner, he may be able to save you some costs by downsizing the fortitude of various framing members; should you be building a home that was designed for an area with higher snow loads.

Even if you have a home custom designed by an architect or designer in your area, the municipality will still require the engineer's review. It is important to know this before customizing a home plan for a couple of reasons. Often times people have minor changes like moving a door, adding a door or window, or moving an interior wall. The engineer, builder or even a local draftsperson, may add these personalizations to the plan. You may be able to save some costs by having you changes "redlined" in this manner after you purchase a plan package from us. Like we have described in the section above. You will probably want to purchase the vellum set if it is available so that you only have to redline the plan once before making copies. They call this redlining because it is generally done with a red pen so that it is easily recognized. You may consider this option before requesting a customized plan if your changes are not too significant since you may be paying the engineer to analyze the plan anyway. While we feel it is always best to have the designer or architect make all the changes to the plan, some minor issues can be cost effectively resolved through this practice.

Please keep in mind that if you find a plan that you like on our website or other publications, it is illegal to take our advertising plan images to a local draftsperson to have them redrawn with customizations. This is copyright infringement and is punishable up to $100,000. You can have our plans redrawn with your customizations but you must first purchase a plan package to obtain rights to do so.

Custom Designed Home Plans.
We can custom design home plans upon request but our time frame may vary according to our current work load. Contact us for information.




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